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Elizabeth Bradshaw

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Robert and Elizabeth had 10 children together, with one of them apparently dying at birth, in 1811.  No records can be found for Frederick.

Robert had already 5 children that he left behind in England, as he had told the court officials at his trial.  Nothing is known of those children or his wife.

He and Elizabeth would have met on the Hillsborough. She was given permission to travel on the Hillsborough as a free settler, with her husband Thomas Bradshaw.

She also brought with her their daughter Mary Ann.  They had another daughter Elizabeth baptised 26th July 1796 at Coventry, Warwickshire.  She died in England before the voyage.

This website has been designed to follow the lives of each of the remaining 9 children, by providing as much research that is available and then including that research into separate stories and pages for each of the children.

Research indicates that Robert and Elizabeth had at least 68 grandchildren!  Sadly many of them died from the scarlet fever and other epidemics that flourished in the poor conditions.
Children with Thomas Bradshaw:

Elizabeth Bradshaw     B 1796 in Warwickshire and died either in England or on the Hillsborough 1799

Mary Ann Bradshaw    B  30/1/1797 - 1818 (Elizabeth Bradshaws daughter with Thomas Bradshaw)  Robert Jillett assumed the role of her father.
                                            M 24/03/1812 to Charles Horne (Horam or Houran)  Maybe 2 Children

Children with Robert Jillett:

William Bradshaw   B. 2/09/1800 - 6/10/1859    (christened Bradshaw as the parents were not married)  m. Mary Gunn   (had 9 children)

James Bradshaw     B 11/10/1802 - 18/01/1858 (christened Bradshaw as the parents were not married) m. Jemima Lydia Gunn   (had 7 children)

Susannah Jillett     B 1/8/1805 - 1852   (Christened Bradshaw as the parents were not married)  m. Charles Dowdell 21/01/1822  (had 3 children)
                                                                            He was cannibalised by the Maoris during a whaling expedition in 1832.m William Garth 3/10/1846

Rebecca  Elizabeth Jillett  B 1807 - 14/2/1879  (christened Bradshaw as the parents were not married) m William Young 27/7/1825  (had 11 children)

Elizabeth Jillett    B 1808 - 2/11/1862  m John Bowden 10/10/1827  (4 children)   (Kincraig SA)

Frederick Jillett   B 1811

Robert Jillett        B 25/9/1812 - 29/9/1860   m Te Kaea Etara (common law wife)  (had 8 children) all in NZ

Charlotte  Daisy Jillett     B 25/08/1815 - 4/8/1852   m. William Henry Smith

Thomas Jillett      B 23/9/1817 - 30/10/1891  m Mary Ann Shone  (had 12 children) (Granddaughter of Edward Westlake)

John Jillett           B 28/10/1819 - 20/11/1868                  m Phoebe Triffett 4/8/1840   (13 children)

(That means that of the recorded history Robert and Elizabeth Jillett had 67 grandchildren)