Catherine Phillips - Parents George Augustus Phillips & Isabella Warwick
Tracing the early life of Catherine Isabella Phillips       The following information is recorded in the Phillips Holy Bible in the possession of Jan Russell.  The Holy Bible was bought in London in 1819.                        (The information has been collated in a relevant time line)

Samuel Phillips and Catherine Williams were joined in Holy Matrimony on 7th day of July 1818 in St James's Church Clerkenwell London.

Samuel Phillips was a native of Carmarthesward born in May 1793.    Samuel Phillips died at Glarnelly Carmarthen on 13th July 1873, aged 80 years he was born at Carmarthen 14th May 1793.

Catherine the wife of the said Samuel was born at Barmouth on 6th December 1792.  Catherine Phillips died at Carmarthen on 24th March 1836 aged 42 years and 3 months.

John Phillips child of Samuel and Catherine was born at Barmouth on 18th ?? at 1/2 past 9.0'clock 1819 being Sunday.  John Phillips the eldest son died at sea off Cape de Pett on the Coast of Africa in the month October 1841.  John Phillips at the age of fifteen shipped on board the Barque Ludlow of London.  He worked for Captain Pearson on 30th October 1834, at twenty shillings per month at Clovelly bound to Kingston in Jamacia, thence to Monoloin, Bay of London.

George Augustus Phillips was born 16th October 1825, at two minutes past six in the morning this being the fifth son of Samuel and Catherine Phillips.

Another child was born at Barmouth on 5th July 1830 at the hour of 2.00 am.
Frederick Phillips shipped on Cunard the Idris, Capt Penticost on 21st February 1835.

Catherine Isabella Phillips was born at Sandridge in the colony of Victoria at a quarter to 7 at night on the 4th September 1857. 

Samuel George Phillips was born at Port Albert at a quarter to 10 at night December 14th 1861. Samuel George Phillips died at Hobart Town Tasmania on 20th April 1867 aged 5 years and 2 months.
Thomas William Phillips was born at Port Albert at a quarter to 2 in the morning April 4th 1864.  He married Matilda Jenkins in Melbourne in 1887.
George Augustus Phillips Jnr was born at Hobart Town Tasmania at 11.00 o'clock at night on 31st August 1870.  He enlisted in WW1 and named his sister Catherine as his next of kin.  He returned from WW1 and he lived in Queensland working as a clerk in Brisbane.   It appears he never married.

George Augustus Phillips Snr married Isabella Warwick in Victoria in 1856.  George died in NSW in 1912

George Augustus Phillips was a ship’s captain, and he travelled to many ports.  Her mother was Isabella Warwick, and she died 5th March 1887 after falling down the stairs of her house in Hasworth Street, Newcastle.

Her parents were Manuel Warwick and Sarah Winn.

Isabella was born in London around 1838 and came to Australia in 1853 on the Vessel Katherine S. Forbes from London.  They arrived in Australia on Assisted passage.

The family consisted of

Manuel Warwick                      Aged 38                      Died 1855
Sarah Warwick                        Aged 39                      Died 1855
Nancy Warwick                       Aged 19                       Married Charles Bolton   1855
Isabella Warwick                     Aged 17                       Married George Augustus Phillips in Melbourne 1856
Alice Warwick                         Aged 8
Thomas Winn Warwick           Aged 5                         Married   Alice Boyer in NZ and died at sea 1889
Olivia Warwick                       Aged 4                         Married Henry Whitney      D  1878  and died  1912

Research indicates that Manuel died in 1855, and his name was possibly Emanuel.

The two younger children Olivia and Thomas were sent to an orphanage in August 1855.

The following is some research about the Waratah Cemetery and information that has been obtained via research on the internet.   I have included some information that other researchers had discovered.

This query is about Waratah Cemetery and follows on from my exchange with Patricia and my 2G grandparents James and Phoebe KEEVERS. There death certificates arrived yesterday and it says they were buried at Waratah Cemetery in 1880 and 1876 respectively. The minister Cof E
I have noticed there is no mention of it on HVG and after Googling it I can only find reference to North Waratah but no significant information Is there a cemetery at Waratah and if so where is it and would there be a register (there names don't come up on "")
Would very much like some help with this so if you can help thankyou in advance……………..

Cemetery at Waratah [known as St Andrews] no longer in existence, block of apartments on grounds, do a search in the Hunter Valley forum on St Andrews Cemetery, you will be dismayed at what you will find …………………….
You've just answered a puzzle of mine. My grandmother lived in Fawcett St Mayfield until she was 14 (about 1936), and remembers going through the C of E cemetery at the back of the Church after Fellowship. Now, I used to live in the block of flats directly across the road from there, well, more accurately directly across from the Catholic Church, cnr Church and Pitt Streets, and never ever saw a cemetery, and just thought it was a fancy of hers.  
Well, it pays to listen to one s elders after all, instead of being a "know it all" like myself! My guess is that the cemetery records would still be there in the church, they had a Roll of Honour on the wall from at least the Great War. Back in those days too, Mayfield was the more "upper" of the two suburbs, Mayfield and Waratah. Another option would be St Phillips Anglican Church, which I think is on Turton St? Waratah. Don t have my street directory on me……...

I now have the booklet  A Brief History of St. Andrew s Anglican Church, Mayfield . At the back is a list of interments, these are the names of the people whose headstones were removed to Blackbutt Reserve. Names missing from this list are people who either didn t have a headstone or the stone was illegible by 1957. My ancestors aren t listed here. There s a Mary Creedy 1885. ….

I have been told that Council broke the stones up and used them to build a drain at the side of a walkway at Blackbutt. I'll be there next week to take photos, perhaps some still have writing on them. This project was organised by the Mayor, Frank Purdue. It was approved by the Governor, E W Woodward. Some of the cemetery was sold to the department of housing for units and a church hall was built on top of other graves. Perhaps there are more under the carpark?

I also have two photocopied pages from a publication by Newcastle Historical Society in 2001, now out of print but available on CD. It seems to have been put together using the original burial records, my gg grandparents are on it! The second page is transcriptions of funeral notices from the Newcastle Morning Herald, also part of this publication. For all this I have to thank some kind parishoners of St Andrews.

Hope this information is of use to some of you.
My ancestors aren't listed in that index either. NFHS do seem to have a booklet, I'll try them. Meanwhile, the tombstones are at Blackbutt positioned near a rockwall. I have directions from staff and hope to go in the next couple of weeks to take photos. There was a condition attached to permission to use the cemetery land for other purposes. This is from the St Andrews Church of England Mayfield Cemetery Act 1957 -

(2) Before any use is made of the said land pursuant to subsection  one of this section, the Trustees or the persons authorised as aforesaid shall:

(a) compile a register of the names of and other relevant information in respect of persons buried in the said land, so far as such names and information can be obtained, and deposit and maintain such register at the Diocesan Registry, Diocese of Newcastle, so as to be available for inspection by any interested person from time to time.
Believe it or not here are the remnants of the headstones of St Andrews used for making a wall at Blackbutt Reserve!

                                                                                       Photos taken by Jillian Ryder.

    Isabella Phillips died when she fell down a flight of stairs at her Newcastle home in 1887.  She is buried at the Waratah Cemetery in Newcastle, only the cemetery has been totally removed and there is a block of flats built on the land.

The headstones were removed to the Blackbutt Reserve, a local park in Newcastle, and line the pathways.  Relative have requested a name board be erected to include the names of all the people whose headstones were removed.

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